I am a middle-aged man whose youth was in the late 1970s and 1980s. Of all the diversions from study and the usual work that I loved the most was non-electronic Role-Playing Games (RPG). Well, they were not known as not known as non-electronic then because we are talking about an era that pre-dated the arrival of electronic video games or one when they were still in their infancy.

These games were really intense and were as good an experience for male bonding as any other. There was nothing that I looked forward to more than getting together with my friends on weekends and playing these games.

At this stage you might be imagining me as a geek. Well, you are not far off the mark but I must point out that geekiness is not a pre-requisite for enjoying these games. Yes, they require a great deal of intelligence and are not as physically intense as outdoor sports but they have an innate attraction that draws people of all types and from different fields.

So, even highly athletic sportsmen derive great joy from playing such games. In a way, these games are a bit like chess but far more colorful and vivid. They are also games where you can join forces with your friends and therefore have a feeling of solidarity that chess doesn’t allow.

What will you Find here?

Few emotions are as powerful as nostalgia and it is certainly the most dominant one in my mind when I decide to keep this website going. Talking about these types of games, especially those which belong to my youth such as Dungeons and Dragons brings back great memories and makes me feel so much better.

What’s wonderful is that these games have not faded away and modern technology has made it possible for me to get in touch with gamers from across the world who share my passion for such games.

I would like this website to not only act as a great source of information for the game lovers but also as a place where newbies can gain more knowledge about how these games work. It can also act as a forum for people like me to generate greater information about the upcoming games and give a review as well as an account of them.

Selection of board games (Monopoly, Chess, Cluedo, Scrabble) with playing cards and gambling chips

I also firmly believe that such games are necessary because due to the growth of video games and now the onset of virtual reality in them, people are losing the ability for manual gaming. Chess is still popular but is restricted to a relatively small number of people and even among them, few are good enough to compete with the seasoned players.

Other board games are restricted to very young kids who stop playing them as soon as they are given a video game by their parents and become able to handle the joystick. So, the best option available among non-electronic games is certainly an RPG. It makes for a great combination of real-world drama and a vivid imagination.

It also allows other skills that we are forgetting to come into play. The game master has to be a good storyteller, a great narrator and also someone who can create an atmosphere conducive to the situation and setting of the game by using his vocal skills.

Those who are more creative can use sound effects and operate them discretely to shock or surprise the players and thereby increase their excitement and the vividness of their experience.

What will you Find here?

Even though nostalgia drove me to launch this website, it doesn’t mean that I would only be recounting my old experiences with games like dungeons and dragons. On the contrary, I would be keeping abreast of the new developments also by reviewing newly launched non-electronic RPGs and also updating information about how gamers can connect with each other.

In fact, this website, in my view, should serve two purposes: to let people of my generation relieve their fond memories of such games and introduce youngsters to the greatness of them. I would say, this website will act as a bridge between my generation and the current one that is interested in these types of games.