How I Find Nearby Gamers?

So, you have a great non-electronic Role-Playing Game (RPG) but haven’t yet found people to play them with? How can you deal with this situation? Simple, by finding people nearby that can join you for it.

This would not only let you enjoy the game but also help you in building new friendships and getting acquainted with new people. But, the obvious question that arises is – how to find these people?

This is a problem that I faced as well but after struggling initially, I discovered very easy ways to find such people. Let me share tips with you that will help you in finding fellow gamers. They worked for me, they are likely to work for you as well.

Visit Local Watering Holes

Think about the most likely places where you can find people like you for playing games? They are likely to be local gaming parlors or, if there are no such places around, game stores. You don’t need to show up anytime looking for idle people wanting a game partner. These gaming stores often organise special events for beginners to become acquainted with these games. This is the best opportunity to find like-minded gamers.

If not gaming stores, you can try comic book shops and libraries also. These too have a similar demographic of visitors and here too, you will occasionally find gaming events. You can also visit gaming conventions in your local area.

Use Online Meeting Forums

There are certain websites which are dedicated to bringing together gamers. One of the most popular ones globally is while there are a host of local websites for different cities and regions.

Then there are the forums of the official game website which also connects different players and allows them to get in touch with those in their vicinity. You can also use cites like and social media pages like those on Facebook to find gamers nearby.

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