Play Aids That Improve The Fun Of My Game

The best thing about role playing games is that they don’t require too many accessories. All you need are the bare minimum of pen and paper to start playing. But passionate players like me are, often, not satisfied with it. So, we seek to add more color to the games by getting accessories that are not an essential part of the game but do increase our fun.

These aids are not just visually appealing but also greatly helpful in making the handling of the game easier, especially for the game master. Some of these aids come as part of the set itself while some have to be purchased separately. If you don’t have money to spare, don’t worry about them but if you do, go ahead and increase your enjoyment of the game through it.

Let me give you information about some of those play aids that help me improve my experience of playing these RPGs. If you want to augment your playing experience, then you too can make use of them.

Customised Notebooks

Why be satisfied with a normal notebook for noting down the progress of the game? There are custom notebooks available in the market for some well-known games which add color to the game. These notebooks have scenes and illustrations of the setting of the game and can be used by just the game master or all the players. When you are not playing, they can be used as decorative items in your game room.


Maps also contribute to making the environment more colorful and give you a sensory feel of the challenges that you have embarked upon. They are also a visual aid that will help the players remember their progress easily.


Images are important to make the players and participants fully immersed in the experience. It also ensures uniformity of thought as everyone will have similar images in mind. Also, not every game master may be good at describing the surroundings in the most vivid form. Therefore, images allow players to know what they are foraying into.

Images also help in realizing what different environments look like. The players may, otherwise, have difficulty in imagining the geography and architecture of the setting in which the game is set. For instance, if the game is set in medieval Japan, American boys may not fully comprehend what the area would look like. Lastly, images of non-playing characters further boost the vividness of the experience of players.

Sound Effects

This is something that will bring another sense – the hearing one – firmly into play as well. While it’s the game master who is expected to narrate the game in a persuasive way, sound effects can add even more fun.

These effects can be easily downloaded from the internet and played through any mp3 player with good speakers. The genre where they are most impactful is horror. The eerie sounds of supernatural activity can really make your hair stand on its end.

To make sound effects strong, the game master needs to be discrete in playing them and also adjusting the volume. Hearing them all of a sudden without any prior inkling would really draw an emotional response.

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