The Items I Use Generally For RPG Games

Playing RPGs is a matter of great delight, especially if you have a group of friends. But in order to ensure that you enjoy the game to the fullest and your fun remains uninterrupted, it is essential to have all the accessories and accoutrements of the game with you, on the table before you start on your adventure.

The great thing about these games is that you don’t need to spend too much money to have the bare essentials. However, if you have an extra bit of cash in your account, then of course, you can increase your fun by buying extra accessories or objects that are costlier.

But, if you are new to RPGs and want to know what you need to have in order to ensure a good time while playing this game, then let me provide you some insight by talking about those items that I generally use while playing RPGs.

Pen And Paper

This is the most basic requirement for an RPG game. Papers are required in the form of character sheets on which the progress of each player character is noted down so that the players don’t lose track and get confused.

You need as many sheets as there are players and each one should also have a good pen. However, that’s not all the paper you would need. The game master would need multiple sheets. One on which he can write down the rules of the game that he has taken from the rule books, the settings, the missions or targets that have been set and various other necessary details of the game.

Along with the paper, the game master also needs smaller clippings of paper to note down those miscellaneous details that cannot be fitted under any specific category in the other papers but are important enough to have their own distinct space.


Dice is as important an object in RPGs as any other. However, the dices usually used in these games are very different from the six-sided ones that are common with other board games. Here, the dices are usually polyhedral and more than one is used.

Many prominent games like Dungeons and Dragons have their own unique dice set but there are also generic polyhedral dice sets available in the market. The dice for these games tends to be colorful and artistic. The number scheme of these dice are different from those on an ordinary one.

Along with dice, you may also require a tray or box to keep them while playing the game and store them safely when you are not.

Diorama And Mats

While it is not absolutely necessary, having a miniature depiction of the game setting or a diorama is quite useful for RPGs. If you don’t have a diorama, you can also use a mat. They are easily available through various sites. There are various kinds of mat that are available but the most famous are those which have squares on one side and hexagons on the other.

Miniature Figurines

To depict and symbolize their respective characters, miniature figurines are a great option. They are also not an absolute necessity but if you are used to playing with them, then not having them with you would make the experience less satisfying. By moving these figurines on the mat, you would be able to get a tangible feel of the progress of your character.


Cards add a lot of color to the game and make the setting and characters of the game become visually more accessible. Cards of different aspects of the game like characters, artifacts, equipment, special abilities, etc. help the game master and the players to progress smoothly with the game. Each game has its own special card sets.

Game Master’s Screen

Game master’s screen is used to shield confidential information from other players about the game and its progress. It’s made from cardboard and usually foldable. The front of the screen that is visible to the players contains beautiful illustrations of the game and its characters.

This is also not an object that is strictly necessary as you can use anything or anyway of hiding the relevant information but it adds more color to the game and increases the enjoyment of the participants.

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